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  1. Meronheddo Dec 07, 2014

    Quote by codon2 I really love and adore that background on Caged Song Bird... even though its just fixing up from the scan, i believe it would be amazing if they were fully vectored and turned into a wonderful city-esque wallpaper. I'm more of a scenery person, and the city with the sunrise caught my eyes more than Yuzuriha. It certainly looks like a pain in the ass to completely vector them, due to such concrete details the scan has. But like i said, it would be amazing to see a wall of just that city, and nothing else. I'm adoring the scan, and i'm adoring what u've done with the city background in that wall.
    Its like its screaming for me to put it on my pc's desktop background....
    Greatwork nonetheless!

    Why thank you!
    I would have really liked to vector the entire background by alsa time and my life gets in the way!

    anyway Im glad that you liked my wallpaper!

    Sorry for the extremely late reply! Been very busy D:

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